Constantly investing in the latest technologies to ensure Gippsland’s future.

The prosperity of Gippsland’s agricultural future lays in the continued development of new technologies.

That’s why R.E.N. Machinery constantly keeps abreast of the latest in technological advancements, from automated navigation to next generation tractor and machinery control systems.

We are constantly investing in updated training for the latest commercially proven developments, ensuring our farmers increase efficiency, improve yields and reduce input costs, and secure the prosperity of their family and Gippsland as a whole.

Topcon brings efficiency and productivity to virtually every phase of the farming. Their track record of product development in precision positioning technology helps you increase productivity, reduce inputs and maximize yield potential.

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Fuse is AGCO’s next-generation approach to precision agriculture that connects the entire crop cycle from enterprise planning to planting, crop care, harvesting and grain storage – providing mixed-fleet farming operations improved access to their farm data to make more informed business decisions, resulting in enhanced productivity and profitability.

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